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The range of surfaces we offer have been specifically chosen, modified and enhanced to provide every customer the ideal choice for them.

Our wealth of experience in not only constructing top quality arenas but also riding and competing on surfaces from home use to world class competition, has enabled us to pass on this depth of knowledge and experience to our clients.

Our range includes three variations of non waxed surfaces and three variations of waxed surfaces. Within this spectrum and with the advice and guidance from Managing Director Neil we hope that we can help our clients to make the best suited choice of surface depending on budget and use.

Waxed Surfaces

We provide a choice of 3 different wax surfaces:


Gold - Competition wax

Silver - Commercial wax

Bronze - Domestic wax

Each surface contains a unique blend of multi-washed silica sand, purpose manufactured stabilising fibres and a high performance wax providing the most stable footing for world class training or competition.


All of the wax surfaces benefit from being frost resistant, drought proof, dust free and low maintenance.

The difference between the 3 is the quantity of wax within the surface. The frequency of use of the surface will determine which choice is best suited to each customer.

Non - Waxed Surfaces
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